Located within its San Leandro warehouse is Hidden Star Orchards' 2000 square foot commercial kitchen and cidery. Adhering to a zero waste ideal all culled fruit is transformed into value added products through processes of juicing, fermenting, saucing and drying. Any leftover fruit scraps or pressings are donated to a local pig farmer.

Kitchen space is available for rent to food makers that are of a similar fit. A 40 gallon capacity steam jacketed kettle, citrus juicer and 14 tray dehydrator are the major pieces of equipment. Additional equipment includes a deli slicer, vacuum sealer, 2 small stoves, rolling tables and shelves. Frozen, refrigerated and dry storage space is also available for rent.

If you are in need of production space for your small food business and feel that Hidden Star Orchards' commercial kitchen may be a good fit for you please call at 510-969-8620 for more information.